What's the talk about?

How to better manage your kids' screen time, as well as your own, using Apple’s new iOS 12.  The new iOS for Apple iPhones and iPads is scheduled to release this fall with a long-awaited and much-needed set of features that give you better visibility and management of your screen time as well as anyone on your iOS Family Sharing, like your kids.  

Who is this talk for? 

  • Parents of tech zombies. 
  • Also good for adults who want a little help with their own screen time.  
  • Anyone looking for ways to have everyone in the family to be more mindful and present.

How much does it cost?  

Free!  Omniverse VR takes our role as a technology resource to the community seriously! 

What will you learn?

  • Latest info on how our tiny screens are impacting us
  • Features of Screen Time
  • How to setup Screen Time
  • Resources to take home with you to finish the setup

Find the right balance for you and your family, and have tools to stick to it. 

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