What is VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer generated simulation that immerses you with video, sound, and even haptics (touch).  VR experiences can be educational or purely for entertainment, like gaming.  

I am not a Gamer, is VR for me?

Absolutely!!  If you enjoy film, music, or gaming, VR is for you.  The VR experiences we offer include not only gaming but also immersive experiences that allow you to transport yourself into movies, new environments, and other planets.  Because we offer both Active VR and Standing VR experiences, no matter your fitness level, The Omniverse has an experience you will love! 

How do I book a VR Experience?

We have worked hard to make the process simple:

  1. Go to our simple to use online booking system and:
    1. Choose your experience, Active or Room Scale 
    2. Choose your day and time slot
    3. Submit Payment
  2. If you are new to Omniverse VR, we kindly ask that you read and complete a waiver

    There you have it, two easy steps!  ... Click Here to Book and Experience

    What is your refund policy?

    We understand and appreciate that your plans may change.  If however you give us notice: 

    • at least 48 hours in advance, The Omniverse will give you a full 100% refund
    • at least 24 hours in advance, The Omniverse will give you a 50% refund
    • less than 24 hours in advance, The Omniverse cannot give you a refund

    Active VR is much more immersive that the Standing or Seated VR experience.  Active VR requires a VR Treadmill, like the Omni from Virtuix.  Once firmly supported by the Omni your natural walking or running motions are translated into movement in VR.  

    It is an experience like no other.  It is highly engaging and if you are wearing your favorite fitness tracker helps you achieve your step-count for the day, while doing something that resembles exercise.  Fun and calorie burning ... two for the price of one! 

    Important: Our Active VR rigs, the Omni from Virtuix, will support players from 4'8" to 6'5" and up to 285 lbs.  If you fall outside of those limits, then we still have an experience for you with Room Scale VR stations.  

    What is Active VR?

    Room scale VR has you standing in a space that is at least 6' x 6' with a headset and VR accessories (wands, weapons, etc.) and allows you to freely move around in that space to explore your VR universe.  Even though you are immersed in the virtual world, the VR system visually shows you the real-world boundaries, so you don't run into a wall, or a physical obstacle.  

    What is Room Scale VR?