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Games and Experiences Available

Omiverse VR offers a variety of VR experiences that include Active VR, Room Scale VR, and VR Racing Simulator.  

Active VR experiences involve use of our VR treadmills, like those from Virtuix.  Room scale VR allows the participant to move around in an open area to enhance the immersiveness of the experience.  VR Racing Simulators put the participant in the car and feature realistic motion.  

While there are 100's of VR games out there, our staff evaluates and selects high quality games that are entertaining and memorable.  Want something added to our library?  No problem, send us a note on the Contact Us page and we will evaluate the game title.  

Active Virtual Reality (VR) Games

Here are a few of our featured VR Games and Experiences for the Room Scale VR Stations. 

Room Scale VR

Here are a few of our featured VR titles that support Room Scale Gaming

VR Racing Simulator

Here are some games that support our full-motion racing simulators.