Omniverse VR is a virtual reality (VR) arcade and experience center with a focus on using VR for entertainment and education.  We offer VR experiences and game play for individuals, family events, group events, as well as corporate team building and celebrations.

We are here to share our love of gaming, entertainment, and technology by providing our guests with the latest, best and safest VR experiences the world has to offer.

Games. Move. People.™

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For all ages and groups

Come alone, bring a friend, or bring a group to play!

From "active virtual reality" using the Omni from Virtuix, to standing room scale experiences for those who are looking to expend a little less energy. Check out our game selection!

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Go new places with VR

go to real or imaginary places and experience the universe in ways never before possible.

We focus on providing great customer service, a safe and welcoming environment, and an absolutely fun experience exploring an infinite number of virtual universes.

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For memorable occasions

Date Nights, Family Nights Out, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events and Group Celebrations.

No matter your experience level with technology or "video games"... we have something for everyone for any occasion.