It’s Not Goodbye …

It’s see you again soon!

We’re temporarily closed, but we aren’t done yet

So What's Happening?

We are pressing pause on operations of the VR Arcade starting

February 25th, 2019.

Why you may ask?

The Virtual Reality industry is changing really quickly

with new and exciting Immersive Experiences coming out almost daily.

We have a learned a lot from the last 2 years

of hosting our guests and running the VR arcade.

We have received requests to bring Omniverse VR

to other parts of Houston.

We know that we can make Omniverse VR even more amazing

We are going to take the opportunity to

pause, reflect on our learnings and the latest trends,


Reimagine what Omniverse VR can be!

Will Omniverse VR be back?

That is our plan … what it looks like when, and where it will be?

Well, that’s what we are working on!

Have ideas to share? Please send them our way!

So when is the last day

to experience Omniverse VR?

Sunday February 24th, 2019

Lastly, a few thank-yous are in order!

The biggest thanks goes to all to our customers.

Thanks to all of you we had the pleasure of hosting

over 3,000 guests, 24 corporate events, over 100 birthday parties

since March of 2017 … and we aren’t done yet!

Thank you to all of our friends and family who have supported us in this quest to start a business. We couldn't have done it without your encouragement,

advice, and referrals.

Thank you to Alyssa, Anthony, Ted, Danny, Miles, Christopher and Kael

Our Omniverse VR team of managers and game guides

that have consistently provided the very best service

with the customer in mind.