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Twins had a blast

Brought my 8 year old twins today and they had a blast. Both of them broke a good sweat while doing this.

I'll be back

The staff was great, making an appointment online was easy, and they were right on schedule. I'll be going back.

Had a blast!

Had a blast! (Also, I'm supposedly naturally good at this VR thing???) 10/10 recommend to visit OMNIVERSE VR!

Great time

Had a great time today playing several games. If you are curious about VR, I highly recommend checking it out!

Next generation of arcade

This is like the next generation of arcade. Rather than dropping quarters into a machine and playing the two-dimensional games of the 1970s and 80s this experience cost a lot more what is pretty immersive and like nothing else I've ever done. It's definitely worth the experience, and ever since I kind of want to get my own VR headset and gaming going at my house.

We'll definitely be back

I surprised my daughter with an Omniverse VR experience! She is 9 and she was a little apprehensive about being hooked up into the full VR experience. Thankfully the amazing worker (I forgot to ask her name) was SUPER patient and amazing with us. When she saw my daughter was not comfortable in the strapped in version she offered for her to be on the VR that is a headset and controller only. She was amazing with customer service. I myself did the full, strapped in VR and it was amazing! My daughter enjoyed the more low key version as well. We will definitely be back!

Takes VR to the next level

The full body experience really takes VR to the next level!! Can't wait to get the high score the next time I go with a bunch of friends!