Omniverse VR Summer Series Tournament

A Test of Player vs. Player ... 

A Test of Player vs. Player ... 

... played in Virtual Reality on the Virtuix Omni Motion Platform. 


Why Do This Tournament?

Raise visibility and awareness of Virtual Reality (VR) as a serious entrant and component of Electronic Sports (eSports).  

Raise visibility and awareness of the tournament sponsors and organizers to drive more interest in the products and services they provide.

Structure of the Tournament

4 Qualifier Tournaments with 1 Finals event.

Qualifier Tournaments

  • Up to 12 players per qualifier tournament
  • Single elimination, best 2 out of 3 matches.  
  • Each match is 5 minutes long
  • Schedule (Tentative)
    • Qualifier 1: June 24th
    • Qualifier 2: July 15th 
    • Qualifier 3: July 29th 
    • Qualifier 4: August 12th
  • Top 2 finishers move on to the Finals event

Finals - Championship Event

  • Top 2 finishers from each qualifier compete in the Finals
  • Total of 8 contestants for the Finals
  • Double elimination, single match
  • Date (Tentative) 
    • August 19th 


To make this event compelling to participants, there should be some tangible prize for the winner of the Finals event.  

Possible Venues

  • Qualifier Events
    • Omniverse VR
    • Microsoft Store - Galleria
    • ???
  • Finals Event
    • ??? (goal would be to have some spectator space, although not sure how large a space we would want / need)

Promoting the Event

Pre-event Promotions

Need assistance from partners and sponsors to promote the event on digital channels with their followers.  

Profile of the participants and of the winners of each Qualifier Event.  Also highlight the participants of the Finals event.  

During the Event

Setup live Twitch Streams to broadcast each event as it is happening.  

Recruit "Shoutcasters" to provide commentary during gameplay.  


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