• Omniverse VR (map)
  • 3831 Golf Dr.
  • Houston, TX 77018
  • USA

Enter the Arena

You and a friend play together to take the top spot on the leaderboards to win cash and swag. Compete against players across North America and prove you are the best!

How you sign up

Players need to create an Omniverse player account to participate in the contests. They can do so at our online player hub, http://www.omniverse.global, starting on November 15th.

Book a “Duo - Active VR Experience” between Nov. 15th and 18th for you and your teammate.

How you participate

To participate, eligible players simply play the contest game with their Omniverse player account at a participating location between November 15th and 18th.

Tournament Rules

Every tournament has them. You can find them here.

Game Scoring Rules are here.

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