• Omniverse VR (map)
  • 3831 Golf Drive
  • Houston, TX, 77018
  • United States

It's tournament time at Omniverse VR!

We've got tons of drones itching for a fight and we're looking for the best of the best to take them down as well as new hopefuls looking to hone their skills and learn from the top dogs.

Compete for your high ranking spot on the leader board! Compete for the Grand Prize! Compete because it's a super fun summer activity for the middle of the week!

Bring a couple friends or make some new ones at the tournament.

$10 entry fee.  2 chances to last as long as possible with the highest of the 2 counting towards the prize.  Players with the highest 3 Scores will duke it out for one more round at the end of the tournament.

Grand Prize: Duo Player Pack (30 min of Roomscale VR for 2 people) and a t-shirt declaring your tournament victory to the world. 

Got what it takes to come out on top?

Sign Up HERE!